Dancing on the Ball - Therapeutic Dance

Therapeutic Global Dance is for everyBODY

Therapeutic Global Dance class is performed on a fitness ball (Swiss Ball). Everyone and everyBODY is welcome!
Dancing to fun upbeat rhythms from around the world, while safely sitting on a Swiss Ball, allows freedom of movement without restrain. The easy dancing drills stimulate joint range of motion on the upper body and hips. Improves coordination, balance and mechanical confidence!
* Everyone is welcome to Armentality’s Therapeutic Global Dance. You or a darling friend of yours may have a knee or hip replacement, perhaps you are recovering from surgery or chemotherapy.
This class is simply to enjoy the goodness of LIFE. Enjoy, not only the dance, fitness and relaxation, but, also and very important, the social interaction with friends that share the love for dance!
Therapeutic Global Dance class offers a comfortable, safe setting, where you can make sure your joints and muscles will be happy!

NEW Session – April 9, 16, 23 & 30
Thursday 9:00 am
$50 -Four Week Session.