We are proud to offer premium education with a variety of movement disciplines since 1998.

Contemporary Dance 
Dance technique classes that beautifully integrates challenges for the mind and body, flowing between floor warm up, center exercises and sequencing with an adventurous and innovative technique fusion. Contemporary Dance is truly an artistic form of exercise. 

Students age 18+ welcome.

Beginner & Intermediate Levels

Restorative Yoga
Such a magnificent practice for the end of the day or end of a busy week. Also, ideal for when recovering from a cold, or injury.
These sessions are gentle, slow-pace asana flow with great focus on pranayama/mindful breathing. We use props like foam roller, blankets, straps and blocks.
Accepting all our emotions and feelings as they are. Students age 12+ welcome.

Awakening Yoga 
Unwind, let go and love oneself. In our adaptive yoga classes we give equal focus on pranayama, mindfulness, asana flow and relaxation.

Our groups are small in order to receive personal attention, and we call it “adaptive”, because Laura custom-creates each session according to the needs of the class. Be ready to experience a unique asana session with the admixture of flexibility, endurance, and strength. Be present, create self-awareness and transform. Students age 12+ welcome.

All Levels

Belly Dance 

Raqs Sharqui known as “Belly Dancing”, is an ancient dance art from the West Asia and North Africa region. This beautiful and expressive dance style focuses on elegant and feminine movements. Enhancing sensuality, emotion and self-empowerment. Learn technique with gentle drills and cool combos. Come Love yourself!

A great Bonus to the practice: it strengthens your body. Students age 18+ welcome.

Beginner & Intermediate

Body Conditioning

Empowering and transforming 45min. sessions of smart, efficient and functional fitness. 
Body Conditioning sessions vary in weekly basis, challenging mind and body equally. We target different muscle groups with equipment, disciplines and techniques. Participants will experience the use of props like Swiss Ball, Dumbbells, Resistance Band, and more. Students age 12+ welcome.

Global Jam Dance Class
Explore a variety of cultures from around the world by experiencing their dance forms, and dynamic musical rhythms. More than technique this class is all about the choreography of the day! Laura’s experience allows her to create a choreography for each class, no joke. Come feel the joy of dance and share a good time with the Armentality Family. Mark your calendars for: “Dancing through the Decades” Spring Series

No previous dance training needed.  Students age 12+ welcome.

All Levels

Functional Movement
Functional Movement helps us to move our body properly and efficiently.
It can also prevent injuries or intelligently assist us to recover from one – whatever the case may be, this class will give you a great deal of mobility and flexibility with exercises that are truly age defying.
Get awesome skill to have sharp body mechanics, improve posture, and give the right tools for a healthy adulthood.
Experience mindfulness and deliciously efficient exercises. Class integrates various disciplines. Students age 12+ welcome.

* Please check our schedule for accurate time and location of class.