Personal Training

Personal training is precisely that…Personal!
Get started with the fundamental process of YOUR total body conditioning in a One on One setting.
Sometimes exercising can be intimidating or simply by trying to figure out what sequence or intensity perform can be super overwhelming. Armentality’s Personal Training program incorporates elements from dance, ballet, yoga, free weights, and martial arts. The goal is to provide functional training, giving equal value to strength and flexibility, as well as challenging and educating the mind in order to train the body.

These One on One sessions with Laura Armenta will assist you on skill development and achieve an efficient and elegantly toned body. Plus, they get you motivated at an affordable rate, in a lovely setting.

Initial consultation helps us to understand your fitness goals and get to know you. Everyone is different and we want to tailor what is best for you.
Do you want to lose weight, get toned, or gain flexibility? Perhaps you are want to get ready for an special event like vacation or wedding, or an athletic competition.
We will over your experience with workout programs and current fitness status, as well as health or injuries history.
We offer:
Five Sessions Package OR Ten Sessions Package
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