–  Awareness, connection, and mindfulness.

Come get a lovely injection of Confidence, Empowerment and Self-Love! All that and  more will be delivered in this awesome sensual dance lab. No need for props, or high heels. You will learn how to move with confidence and full use of all your senses, dance with your entire body, not just your feet! Being sensual is a beautiful thing. We have fabulous choreographies to you to get some yummy moves on! Come get your Armentality On!

*This Movement Lab is the fourth Monday of every month.

The Ultimate Urban Adventure!
The Perfect outdoor adventure! Dance to awesome Salsa and Bachata Dance Jams on the rooftop. Add a some Caribbean Flavor to your week! Come and swing your hips with these basic, but so delicious moves. Get some rhythmically sensual, and even romantic new moves down. What we love more about these dance styles, is the fact that you work your legs, butt and your obliques like there is no tomorrow. Yeah!
Come by yourself, or inspire someone!
*This Movement Lab is outdoors on Tuesdays after Memorial Day and until Michigan weather allows in the Fall.

A healthy, playful, and life-affirming practice to share the love for YOGA!

Learn to adapt and perform in-depth postures with support and trust. Experience a variety of partner yoga forms including: Partner-assisted restorative Yoga, Basic Acro-Yoga, Contact Yoga and Thai-Yoga therapy basics. Develop connection through co-meditations and partner breath work. This Movement Lab is suitable for absolutely everyone, from experienced practitioners to complete beginners. No worries if you not have a partner, class is open to everyone interested on exploring Yoga.

* This Movement Lab is the first Sunday of every month.


Get your Bollywood fix, enjoy this unique dance class to get a cultural workout, stimulate your brain and burn some calories. Enjoy Indian musical rhythms in this festive, colorful and feminine experience. Beginners welcome! – Bollywood Dance is the “always happy” dance for everyone, all levels are welcome. No Dance experience necessary.


A guided session of soulful expression and movement techniques to develop body awareness, and natural artistic expression. Empower yourself with movement. Be natural, be free, and be ready to explore and restore! Create your own narrative of movement, applying sensory, breath, reflections and connection.
This movement Lab is open for everyone, no previous dance experience necessary, but please bring an open mind.
*This Movement Lab will return on the schedule on the Fall of 2021

Around each Full Moon, we gather. We Dance, We empower one another.
A mindful, energizing and soul-gentle session full of sisterhood connection, art and transformation.
Experience dance, breath work, wilderness and connection.
Be ready to bring your true Goddess Power alive.
Be empowered.

Dance WORKSHOPS with Guest Teacher Whitney Dawn Pyles

Diva Strong
Diva Strong Dance Workshop draws inspiration from the performances of Pop Divas like Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and more.
This workshop series are a celebration of all things fiercely feminine and encourages students to embrace the strength AND sass required to truly “work it”.
Dancers of all levels and will incorporate chairs, scarves, and other props. Come prepared to let loose, have fun, and love yourself!
Wednesdays 5:45pm
 *This is a HYBRID Workshop you can join us online!

Hip Hop
Get ready to party – from the privacy of your own home!
An awesome virtual #DanceParty
Hip Hop Dance Class /Beginner Level is for the student that wants to learn OR wants to revisit this popular and fun style of dance.
This high energy class will teach basic hip hop technique, body isolations, musicality, rhythm, and footwork.
Each session will consist of stretching, warm up, and a routine to catchy and popular music from multiple decades.
Tuesdays 5:45pm
*This Workshop is ONLINE and starting in May 2021 class will be HYBRID

Dance the Spectrum is a monthly event seeking to explore the space between the “opposites” or dichotomies, boxes, and labels ascribed to things and people by the world or society at large.
 We will begin by reflecting on a pair of “opposites” and explore their intersection through both choreographed and
free-flowing movement.
“Dance The Spectrum Workshop” will explore the perceived differences between various opposites like:
light VS dark,  structure VS chaos, feminine VS masculine, “civilized” VS tribal and more.
 *This workshop takes place the fourth Thursday of every month.


  * Please check our schedule to see what LABS are In-Studio, Virtual or Hybrid


 * COVID-19
Please do not attend class in person if you are experiencing any of the following:
* Fever
* Dry Cough
* Shortness of Breath
* Sore Throat
Also, if you have been in close contact with anyone diagnosed with Covid-19, please refrain from attending in person.
While in the studio, face masks are required unless you are on your own mat.
Once the class begins and you are in the practice/movement area, it is not required that you wear a mask
At ALL times, social distancing should be maintained.
Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes can be provided – use as desired.
It is strongly encouraged that you bring your own mat, however sanitized mats are available.
If a studio-owned mat is used, please set aside for staff to disinfect and put away.