Sexy Jazz-Funk Workshop

Give yourself the opportunity to celebrate your fabulousness!
Yes! it is Jazz, but it is sexy. Yes! there is sass, but it is still technical. Learn a unique choreography focused on sensual, vivacious and energetic groove.
All super dance powers combined. Let professional choreographer and creative director Laura Armenta show you how to get grooving.  Boost your self-confidence, get ready to learn awesome footwork, pops and spins and truly feel that self-empowerment kicking in.
*A dance foundation is required to attend this workshop.

Thursday, June 8 | 6pm
Thursday, July 13 | 6pm

Organik Flow Movement Lab

Laura Armenta is a professional Choreographer, performer, and yogini with over three decades of experience. She will guide you into this lovely session of Movement Improvisation Open for all bodies and everybody.

Organik Flow Movement Lab Sessions provide a lovely fusion of soothing energy and physical restoration.
They are a soulful expression, sensory and mindful breathing, as well as and spontaneous movement with natural flow, personal exploration and collective connection.
Plan on wearing layers, bring socks and water.
Remove jewelry and refrain from wearing perfume or heavy scents. 

Thursday, June 22 | 6:00pm
Thursday, June 29 | 6pm
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Pranayama and EFT Tapping Workshop

The Purpose of Tapping – EFT is to release stressful thoughts or sensations as well as to bring clarity to ruminating emotions.
 The concept is that we are not confined or defined by our emotions, rather they are a way to express ourselves and experience life.
Chronic sadness, anger, guilt, fear and addiction are the result from building, storing, and repeating emotional patterns created by an initial event (usually in childhood) and intensified by other experiences.
Join us for this Tapping – EFT workshop to find the cause, release your attachment from the initial response, remove the burden of carrying an emotional pattern that does not help you, and unstick yourself from the past.

Expectations: Tapping involves physically tapping fingers on specific points on the body while saying and repeating phrases until a change is noticed.

Participants will learn and practice a sequence of points and phrases that can be applied to any issue. There will be an opportunity for participants to suggest specific issues to “tap on” during the workshop.

Pranayama Basics
Pranayama is the practice of Ancient Breathing Techniques or patterns that can assist with anxiety and stress management, as well as increasing lung capacity, brain oxygenation and a lot more.
Pranayama is the ancient practice of breath regulation and a relevant component of Yoga discipline. 

Thursday, July 6 | 6:00pm

Moon Salutation for Women Workshop

Channel some fabulous Lunar energy.  This cool and relaxing workshop is perfect just ahead of the June’s New Moon
You probably are familiar with Surya Namaskar, but how often have you practiced Chandra Namaskar? In order to get some nice energetic balance addint Moon Salutation to your ongoing practice can provide a gentle stimulation to the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems. Chandra Namaskar also stretches and strengthens the spine, hamstrings, backs of legs and stomach muscles. 

Come flow with devote Yogini Laura Armenta and enjoy an evening of collective feminine energy.

Thursday, June 15 | 6:00pm
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Father’s Day Celebration

Bring all the cool, good and awesome dads you know for a FREE Yoga Class with Laura Armenta. You may actually choose One or come to both, there are couple of different options.
Dads join tuition free to these ongoing Yoga classes.
Pre-Registration is required. Register by sending an email to Subject: “Yoga for Dad”. Include Dad’s name, email and cell number.

Dynamic Yoga on Saturday, June 17 at 9am
Restorative Yoga on Monday, June 19 at 7pm

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