YOGA Classes

Our Yoga classes are mindful, soothing, efficient, strengthening and always caring!

Open to all levels and are custom-created with an uplifting and smart dynamic. We give personal attention and care for detail on form/alignment. Get ready to sweat by generating heat from the inside-out with proper pranayama practice. NOTE: Being already flexible is NOT a pre-requisite to join our classes. Adventure into an athletic and mentally challenging asana flow, with a mindful and soothing musical setting. Armentality’s Adaptive Yoga classes guides you to build flexibility, endurance and strength.

<a “=””>Restorative Yoga

Enjoy the Armentality gentle way to combat weariness! Unwind, let go and love oneself. Restorative Yoga presents easy postures and breathing techniques in order to achieve a peaceful state of mind, rather than force a stretch or a fancy asana.
By integrating the breath with body movement, we are able to come more fully into the present moment, create self-awareness and transformation. Mindfulness is a meditative process that quiets the mind and releases physical distress. Experience vitality and a soothing sense of wellbeing.

Donation Yoga

Come experience a comfortable pranayama practice, an awesome by donation session, with some delicious asana flow, plus, did you know that your donations help Children’s Advocacy Center of Kent County? Learn more about this organization and why it matters! Helps us give LOVE!
Suggested Donation $5


FIVE Class Package $65 – Expires one month from purchase date.

TEN Class Package $115 – Expires two months from purchase date. You also receive a 10% Off a Thai-Yoga Therapy Session